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Our aim at Bay Financial Partners Ltd is to help our clients get to where they want to be financially, and to help them protect what they have built up.

BillsAs well as helping you to buy and sell shares and bonds, accessing new issues and placing fixed interest deposits Bay Financial Partners Ltd is a full service financial planning practice.

Financial Planning is a professional discipline that can encompass:

  • Use of cash, and budgetting
  • Use of debt
  • Risk analysis and management
  • Insurance analysis and strategies
  • Retirement planning
  • Savings and investment strategies
  • Investment
  • Estate planning
  • Taxation planning
  • Managing the acheivement of your plan

Our History, Our Experience

Bay Financial Partners Ltd was launched in 1982 as then MIS. We were the region's first specialist investment and financial consultants, with one clear vision: to offer professional investment advice and assist our clients to develop diverse, high performing financial portfolios and robust wealth protection strategies in a demanding financial climate and in an environment subject to constant change.

We now celebrate 30 years of professional service to our clients. From a local start our clients are now drawn from around New Zealand and from overseas.

We have a team of experienced advisers in our Tauranga office as well as access to the resources of various external parties with which whom we have formal relationships.

Our Relationship with You

We provide a bespoke service – we will tailor our services to your needs, rather than try to fit you into a pre-conceived solution.

Clients may have one of two types of relationship with us. One is a full-service, retainer-style relationship as a member of our LifeGoal$ Client Care Program where your adviser will be proactive in your interest. The other is on a transaction-by-transaction basis managed by you the client.

For clarity these relationships are set out in a written agreement with you.

Members of the LifeGoal$ Client Care Program pay an asset-based fee, charged monthly, based upon portfolio size plus additional charges for ad-hoc work. Transactional clients pay as they go for products, services and advice.

Our undertaking to you is that you are aware of charges at or before the time you agree to proceed with any action

Why should you pay for advice? We offer a professional service to a high standard and you would reasonably expect to pay appropriately for other professionals such as doctors, dentists, lawyers, accountants or engineers. Our fees are competitive levels against those of comparable practices.

You should expect peace of mind from what you pay for.

The Process

Your aims may be to develop a stable stream of income for retirement, fund a special need or to protect your assets. Either way, we use a proven professional process that entails:

  1. Getting to know you to establish a relationship
  2. Collection and analysis of information regarding your personal and financial situation
  3. The consideration and investigation of appropriate strategies and products
  4. Preparation of written recommendations
  5. Implementation of recommendations
  6. Review and refinement of strategies.

Our first and only concern is that you, our client, achieve your aims. From this you can be assured that our recommendations and service are impartial and in your best interests. We will disclose any possible conflicts of interest to you.

Where additional expertise is needed our approach involves coordinating with clients' other professional advisers to ensure the required outcomes are achieved.


We have no pre-conceived ideas about investment solutions. We listen to your needs and develop recommendations we believe will give you a good chance of achieving the outcomes you are seeking.

We have the scope to choose the best performing assets available to us locally and from around the globe in the areas of:

  • Cash and foreign currency accounts
  • Direct Fixed interest
  • KiwiSaver
  • Listed Shares
  • Private Equity
  • Listed and Unlisted Investment Funds
  • Listed and Direct Property
  • Mortgage funds
  • Alternative Assets

But how do you choose from the thousands of options out there and how do you develop a portfolio? And then how should it be managed? How do you draw on the assets in later years? We have the knowledge and experience to guide you through these issues.

Borrowing to invest has also been part of our expertise over many years. We understand the benefits and risks of gearing.

Tax is your single largest cost in life. We can assist you to navigate the 'alphabet soup' of taxation issues: RWT, IC, PIE, FIF, FDR and so on to develop optimal tax outcomes.

Risk Management

There are many events that might reduce the value of what you have built up or that might impair your ability to progress and grow further. Working with you to identify these risks will lead to a co-ordinated set of strategies to address them. Strategies may include wealth development, portfolio management, estate planning and the use of insurances.

Estate Planning

If you have assets how do you protect them? How do you want your assets treated after your death? Who will manage your assets or look after your children should you become unable to yourself?

A co-ordinated Estate Plan will address these questions and more. A good plan will have strategies that take into account your family, your portfolio and non-portfolio assets, your insurances and more.

ReportInvestment Reporting

Our Investment Administration and Reporting service frees you from the paperwork burden. We provide a quarterly report of your portfolio as well as an annual report for tax return prepartion.By utilising a wrap platform you can have online access 24 hours a day.

An independent report

Tax Returns

Personal and Trust Taxation Returns, compilation only and full preparation service options.

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Adviser Disclosure Statements are available on request and free of charge.
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