Anybody can give investment advice – and they do

The difference between investment advice and financial planning can be likened to the proverbial chalk and cheese. Investment advice is limited to the considerations around placing investments - deciding on the target rate of return and then matching assets to satisfy the return objective.

Easy really, just dial up a website or take a quick look in the local newspaper - pick the hottest rate of the day and away you go - or better still reach in the drawer for your pet investment that you just know is safe - bingo all done!  Failing that, stand by and let folk fall for those that give the biggest brokerage and charge the largest fees - and they will be large and hidden of course.

Fiction really - we know nobody does this these days. Well, if that is the case why do so many folk have such a huge misunderstanding with regard investment risk and return. Are leveraged up to their proverbials in residential property and are so poorly organised when it comes to their financial planning.

The team at Bay Financial Partners Ltd are somewhat unique. The business philosophy is one of client education and encouragement. Cash and debt management, investment planning (including residential property), leveraged investment, commercial property investment, risk analysis and insurance, retirement and estate planning form the basis of that education.

Lao-tzu (604BC – 531BC) said ‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’. Somebody else suggested, ‘you eat an elephant one mouthful at a time’ (yuk - why would anybody want to do that!). Securing a relationship with us could be likened to that same journey. Sure, we do all the transactional stuff - buy and sell shares, analyse and place insurance requirements and even make and implement investment decisions along with arranging a mortgage if needed. These are all features of our service that you would expect.

However by far and away the main benefit is the life goals journey, the relationship with a specific emphasis on just how are you going to provide, in the future, for you and your family's quality of life. Not only now while the six minute time units are being booked to the matter in front of you but also when they stop, or at least slow down somewhat.

More, we focus on making you really understand just what can be achieved if you put our thinking, our process, our discipline and skills and your current assets and future cashflow, together to work for you.

Johnathan York and Andrew Parkinson have wide experience, more education and more skills than almost any other financial planners around, an excellent brains trust!

Whether it is for you directly or your clients benefit, you really should get to know us better - you won’t be disappointed. Call us now on 07 578 3863 or email .

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