National Beer Conference

beer pouringThe Marketing Managers of Tui, DB, Macs, Monteiths & Speights were at a National Beer Conference when they all went to lunch. The waitress asked what they would like to drink.

The Tui man says, "I'll have a Mangatainoka Dark."

DB bloke with a smile said, "I'll have a DB Export brewed from pure mountain water."

The G.M. of Macs proudly says, "I'll have a Monteiths Pilsner, the cleanest beer on the planet."

The head honcho from Speights glances around at his companions and says, "I'll have a Diet Coke."

The others look at him as though he had sprouted a new head, at which he just shrugged his shoulders and said, "Well if you poofers aren't drinking then neither will I.


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