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How Long Will It Take To Sell My Shares?

grabmoneyUnder normal trading conditions we can sell your shares within minutes of you placing the order, and have the money in your account two business days later.

But there are THREE BIG IFs:

  1. you already have a share trading account, and
  2. the share is regularly traded, and
  3. you are prepared to accept market price

If you don't already have a share trading account you probably wont be able to place your order until the next business day at the earliest. If you don't have all the correct documentation ready it might take a couple of weeks or more before you can get your money.

Wouldn't you like the peace of mind of knowing you can sell now rather than later?

Call us on 07 578 3863 to learn more and get your share trading account set up and ready to go. We'll need you to complete some forms of course and we'll need photographic ID and your CSN and FIN number.

If you've previously bought or sold shares through us but haven't dealt with us in the last couple of years it might pay to check that your account is still verified and active. We might have to verify your details again if your account was opened prior to 2012.


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