Finances For My Daughter

Bob Veres is an American writer specialising in the financial planning industry. Most of his writing has been targeted at investment professionals, the following story isn't. As the title implies he wrote it for his daughter.

Please excuse the "Americanisms". Chapter 2 is not much use to Kiwi's as we don't have "401(k)" or "ROTH IRA" tax free accounts in New Zealand. Think of them as KiwiSaver accounts. You should put at a minimum of $1,042.86 into a KiwiSaver account every year to get the maximum $521.43 Government Contribution (which used to be called Member Tax Credits) and that pretty much covers the whole of Chapter 2.

You might want to replace references to US investments with "New Zealand and Australian" as it can be expensive for Kiwi's to invest directly in US stocks.


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