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My Longevity

TortoiseMost people want answers to "how long will I live" and "what can I do about it".

Most people have no idea how long they might live. The starting point is your current age. You could then use various life expectancy tables available but these are only averages and also fail to factor in ongoing improvements in mortality. They don't explain that the longer you live, the longer you're likely to live. Or that ageing is a personal journey.

My Longevity is an Australian website that attempts to help you answer these questions. According to the CIA's website (true, you can check for yourself here) the average Australian's average life expectancy is 81.81 years, whilst a New Zealander's average life expectancy is slightly lower at 80.59 years. So you should probably take a year off My Longevity's answer if you live in New Zealand. (Bugger, that mean's I'm only going to live to 80. Ed)

My Longevity believe that you can learn more about whether or not you may live longer than average by answering questions which cover five key areas.


  1. Surroundings
  2. Health
  3. Attitude
  4. Parents
  5. Eating

The website contains a simple questionaire that you complete yourself on-line. On completion you will receive an estimate of your longevity. There is no cost and it takes 5 minutes.

Then you can use their website to understand more about what drives your longevity and to make some decisions about what you might do.

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