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Making the Most of KiwiSaver Government Contribution (GC)

Make sure you contribute at least $1,042 to your KiwiSaver account by June Year.

In July of each year the IRD makes a Government Contribution (GC) payment into the KiwiSaver accounts of contributing members living in New Zealand aged between 18 and the age at which the member is entitled to receive their benefit (i.e. the later of age 65 or after five years' KiwiSaver membership).

The Government Contribution was called Member Tax Credit until 2019.

In plain English: the government puts money into a KiwiSaver members personal KiwiSaver account, which is added to your retirement savings.

It works like this:

To claim the maximum GC of $521.43 a member will need to have made contributions of at least $1,042 into their account. Employer contributions and government contributions do not count towards GCs.

So the government will match half of your contributions with a tax credit to your KiwiSaver account, up to a maximum of $521.43 each year (under current rules).

If a member joins KiwiSaver part way through a year or turns 18 during the course of the year, their GC entitlement is pro-rated accordingly. Similarly, anyone turning 65 during the course of a year is only entitled to GC credits for the period they were aged under 65 (unless they have been in KiwiSaver for less than five years in which case they are entitled to receive GC's for the full five year period).

Those contributing less than the required $1,042.86 have the option of making voluntary contributions before the end of the scheme year to ensure they maximise their GC entitlement. For these voluntary contributions to have the desired effect they must be processed by mid-June (to ensure they are in the member's account by the end of the month).

KiwiSaver is operated by Bay Financial Partners Limited  and is not endorsed by, or affiliated with, the government or Inland Revenue. Bay Financial Partners Limited is using the KiwiSaver trade mark and logo under licence from Inland Revenue. To view the official New Zealand government KiwiSaver website, please click here.

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