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Why is “Retirement” planning different for Women?

Women face all the problems that men face in planning for retirement, and then some! 

Here are the key differences that affect retirement planning for women:

  • Women live longer than men on average, so their savings have to be budgeted to last longer.
  • Many women don’t get the same income earning opportunities as men, therefore it takes more of their “in the hand” pay to generate the same results as men.
  • Women often have more conservative attitudes to risk, so they aim for lower returning (safer) investment funds.
  • Women often take a few years out of the workforce to do unpaid work


 In general terms women have certain advantages over men in the investment field.  

Women generally are more patient.  They are more willing to read and learn and understand what is happening to their money.  Women tend to be more disciplined investors and savers.  They are more open with their professional advisers. 

In essence, women often earn less money – but are better with it.

What I hear from many women when it comes to working with a professional adviser is that they want:

  1. Information to help them make their own decisions
  2. A trusted and patient adviser
  3. Choices

We understand that, and deliver it.


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