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Looking for Dividend Yield? - A Resource for New Zealander's looking for Dividend Yield

Quite by chance I recently came across the website

It looks like a useful resource for those wishing to research New Zealand stocks that are likely to generate a sustainable income from dividends.

The website doesn't look pretty but the data does.

From website:

" is designed to assist investors with information as to dividend yields and also to help with strategic decision making in regards to their own individual investment requirements. Our primary emphasis is on dividend yield derived from ownership of shares. Regardless of whether you want a conservative or a more dynamic portfolio, here we have the tools, charts and information to help YOU decide what works best for YOU and YOUR circumstances. We are NOT financial advisers but are investors ourselves, and our goal is to be gatherers and presenters of information from many sources. We simply collate the information and endeavour to present it in an easily understood format. The column showing dividend yield % is formulated from both paid and declared dividends for most recent complete calendar year. How you use this information is up to you. Remember the structure and format here is based on the premise of creating income from the dividend yield NOT income from capital growth. Holding shares for dividend yield may of course realize capital growth (or loss) depending upon timing of entry and exits."

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