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MoneyHub is a Great Website for Kiwi's About Money

moneyhub logo 2023MoneyHub - New Zealand's Home of All Things Money

MoneyHub is a New Zealand website that provides free information about money to Kiwi's. Click here to visit their website >>

Impartial Information

Unlike other comparison tools, MoneyHub doesn't sell 'results' or place sponsored products at the top of their lists. Instead, they publish guides that talk in plain English about the options and make informed recommendations, backed up by facts.

Expert Information

Their research and editorial team members have backgrounds in banking, accounting, project management, data engineering and education. Together, MoneyHub makes even the most complicated money topics simple to understand.

Timely Information

They are not a news site - their guides are routinely updated to ensure you have instant access to useful comparisons and specific product information. In rare instances, a provider will change a price or product before they've had a chance to update their information; please double-check prices first before making any decision. ​They accept no liability for any error or out-of-date information, and the product or service provider has no obligation to honour the pricing they publish on the site.

Free Information

They believe every New Zealander deserves access to financial transparency. Their team continues to focus on what matters to your finances, which is why every resource on MoneyHub is free to use.

MoneyHub Videos

MoneyHub also have a YouTube channel with video's for those who prefer to watch and listen rather than read.

Below is just a small selection of the videos on MoneyHub's YouTube channel


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