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Bay Financial Partner's KiwiSaver Online Fact Find

The tool below will ask you some questions about your attitude to investing, your income and your current KiwiSaver fund.

The numbers you enter don't have to be exact to the cent but the more accurately you answer the questions the better the resulting analysis will be. So it would be good to dig out your current KiwiSaver balance and know your annual income before you begin.

The tool will analyse your answers and see how your current KiwiSaver fund compares with funds from other managers we can assist you with.

It will compare factors you believe are important, from how important you think the manager's ethical investing policy is to the ability to access your information with your cell phone.

Not all KiwiSaver providers are analysed, we have selected providers we like and trust that have an overall investment philosophy we agree with. So there are no passive index funds as we believe that over the long term a good active manager will outperform a passive index strategy. The intent of the tool is to help you select a KiwiSaver Fund that aligns with your needs. It's an online KiwiSaver fund selector.

In order to assist us with your KiwiSaver Review please:

KiwiSaver is operated by Bay Financial Partners Limited  and is not endorsed by, or affiliated with, the government or Inland Revenue. Bay Financial Partners Limited is using the KiwiSaver trade mark and logo under licence from Inland Revenue. To view the official New Zealand government KiwiSaver website, please click here.

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