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shareclarity logoShareClarity is an Information Source for New Zealand and Australian Share Investors.

They have just launched a new-look platform to coincide with its coming expansion into Australia. They promise to simplify and improve your experience and say it has been developed in consultation with numerous fund managers, advisors and retail investors. There are now over 135 NZX and ASX-listed companies on the platform that can be quickly understood, compared and assessed.

Here is another source you can go to see what others think of listed companies prospects and share prices. It will be interesting to see how the concept develops.

On ShareClarity's site they say:

"Shareclarity is a first-of-a-kind, information platform that provides crowd-based and cloud-based share price valuations. Our platform has been specifically designed to give everyone an equal opportunity to learn and contribute to the understanding of shares by making the relevant information accessible, timely and useable.

On Shareclarity you will find simple, transparent and collaborative information and opinions about what companies do, how they are expected to perform and how much their shares could be worth. All of our users are encouraged to view, comment and contribute to the company overviews and indicative share price valuations. In this way, they are less biased by individual perspectives because they are based on the perspectives of all of our users from all around the world."

It costs you nothing to register for access to a limited number of the companies they currently cover. I was surprised to see they are only charging $7.95 per month, per exchange (NZX or ASX) for unlimited access to their information.

You can have a free look at ShareClarity here >>

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