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Why Not Make Money Every Time You Drink a Coke?

Can you imagine how many millions Coca Cola is making as the world drinks it’s products?

Wall StreetAnd just imagine what it would be worth to you if you could earn even the tiniest fraction of a cent for every can or bottle sold around the world. 

Not by getting paid directly for every drink bought, but by sharing in the fortunes of the businesses who do, such as the Coca Cola Corporation in the USA in this example.

For most of us here in New Zealand, investing in large international brands such as Coca Cola would be impossible. The shares are very expensive by our standards, sometimes hundreds of dollars each. Plus it’s dificult to invest in foreign markets with knowledge and confidence.

One of the key advantages of using managed funds, or pooled investments, for part of your savings and investment portfolio is the ability to get exposure to overseas markets and investments that would be difficult for you to purchase in any meaningful quantity by yourself.

Using managed funds enables smaller investors to gain access to world famous companies from the USA, UK, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, China… and just about anywhere else in the world.   Fund managers have the resources, staff, research and connections to to study economies, cycles, and currencies together with being able to intimately look at a individual businesses in depth.

Of course, Coca Cola is simply one example of the many thousands of possibilities that can be accessed through managed investments.  We use this example simply to highlight one of the key benefits of using managed investments for accessing shares in large multinational billion dollar businesses.

You don't need huge sums to start and can very quickly own a small share of some very big companies.

Bay Financial Partners can help you access managed funds from a wide range of local and international fund managers call us on 07 578 3863 to discuss. Investments can start

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