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Mint Asset Management

Mint Asset Management logoMint Asset Management is a specialist boutique funds manager providing investment vehicles and solutions for retail and institutional investors.

Why Invest with Mint?

  • An investment approach focused on consistently outperforming their benchmark index through a combination of skill and in depth company research
  • A team of experienced fund managers, dedicated to producing the best possible returns for their  investors.
  • Mint operate in an environment of full disclosure, offering complete transparency about what, where and how they invest.
  • An agile company with a flat structure, which enables them to exploit investment opportunities faster than their larger competitors.
  • Highly rated by independent research companies for  investment ability and performance when compared with other NZ fund managers
  • On 1 July 2015 the New Zealand Superannuation Fund appointed Mint Asset Management to a $150 million New Zealand equities mandate.

Mint Asset Management Retail Funds

Mint Asset Management has designed three retail funds, each offering a different investment focus and level of risk.

 Mint Australia New Zealand Active Equity Trust

This fund has a portfolio of actively managed Australian and New Zealand shares which targets consistent capital growth. This is achieved through investing in a range of companies that will benefit at every stage of the economic cycle.
By investing in companies Mint are trying to capture the growth in the underlying economy in which they are investing and by trying to find the best companies they are looking to beat the performance of that underlying economy. Shares are referred to as a growth asset class. Values rise in the long run. However, over shorter time frames share markets rise and fall which creates volatility and requires investors in shares to have a tolerance for these ups and downs and for them to be prepared to take a longer term view of their investments of at least five years

Mint Australia New Zealand Real Estate Investment Trust

A portfolio of actively managed Australian and New Zealand listed property and property-related shares. This fund targets total return from predominantly investing in opportunities with exposure to commercial property and the relatively lower risk long term growth characteristics of those assets.

Listed property securities (LPS) are financial securities that control underlying physical property. They generate income and capital gains for investors from the ownership and management of physical property assets. LPS are traded on the stock market meaning that their value is easily realisable. LPS fit between equities & bonds in the risk spectrum, and have historically beaten them both in the absolute & risk adjusted return spectrum. An investment in these securities offers investors exposure to the returns from a range of property assets in New Zealand, Australia and markets overseas

Mint Diversified Income Fund (Retail)

This Fund looks to offer investors a sustainable income, whilst generating enough capital growth to protect the income generating capital at or above inflation levels. The Fund will look to achieve this objective by indirectly investing in a diversified range of assets which will include: cash, New Zealand/Australia and global fixed interest (including credit products), New Zealand/Australia listed property and equities, and global equities. 

The cash, fixed interest and credit asset classes are intended to provide the bulk of the portfolio income stream, and they are selected on the basis of sustainable yield. Cash will primarily be deposits and short-term securities issued by New Zealand registered banks.
The listed property asset class is intended to provide a superior yield and potential for capital growth at a relatively low volatility. The equity asset classes are intended to provide capital growth to the portfolio.

This Fund has a lower risk profile than that expected of the equities and listed property asset classes.

Contact Bay Financial Partners to see whether the Mint Asset Management Funds are suitable for a place in your portfolio.

Click here to download Mint Asset Management retail products Investment Statement

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