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We've recently had a most enlightening meeting with Jonathan Wu, Associate Director and Head off Distribution and Operations for Premium China Funds Management.

Jonathan helped us understand a wee bit more about investing in Asia in general and China in particular. You can review Jonahan Wu's credentials and those of the rest of the Premium China team at their website

Asia: THe New INvestment Paradigm (THird Edition)

This book is a great reference tool for anyone wanting to explore investment opportunities in Asia. It is a collection of articles published by the Premium China Funds Management team to help investors in their understanding of the current issues that are occurring in the fastest growing region of the world.

The book explores how Asia survived through a number of financial crises, some concerns that people may have regarding the Asian region, China’s progress over the past few years (in terms of areas such as urbanisation, consumption, GDP growth, etc.), and the many investment opportunities that Asia has to offer.

We have a limited number of free copies of this book available click here to order a copy.

Asia: The New Investment Paradigm (3rd Edition) is also available for the iPad and can be downloaded from the App Store through the link on the icon to the right.

Simon Wu founded Premium China Funds Management in 2004 to provide best of breed Asian Investment opportunities to his Australian financial planning clients. They offer four specialist funds: Premium China Fund, Premium Asia Property Fund, Premium Asia Fund and Premium Asia Income Fund.that are now available to New Zealand investors.

Premium China use Value Partners Limited (VPL) to manage all four funds. VPL was established in 1993 as a specialist Chinese equity fund manager, managed by Chinese people and based in Hong Kong, China. They were listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange in 2007.

VPL use the deep-value Graham and Dodd value investing methodology, also used by Warren Buffet. This has lead to their co founder, Mr Cheah Cheng Hye to be dubbed "Asia's Warren Buffet" by the Asian Financial Times newspaper.

If you'd like to earn more have a look at Premium Chinas website

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