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Please don't take too much risk!

linedownThe Reserve Bank has dropped the Official Cash Rate - again, and the banks have followed with reductions in the amount of interest they will pay depositors.

Cash rates are down below 2% and today you'll get less than 4% for a five year term deposit with any of the big banks.

If you are relying on your investments to provide you with income you might be starting to feel the pinch.

Please be careful, you seldom get higher than bank returns without taking on extra risk.

But what does that actually mean, and how much extra risk can you really afford to take? Many people don't realise that they can afford a little extra risk and many people don't realise they can't!

Perhaps you are considering taking your money from the bank and earning a little extra elsewhere. Perhaps you can afford to take a little bit of capital to pay the bills rather than risking the lot in a higher risk investment?

We have tools and techiques at our disposal to help you work that out.

The market creates opportunities. There will be more and more offers out there offering higher income. Many will be legitimate and some won't. We can help you analyse the offer and avoid the dodgy ones.

Please call us on 07 578 3863 and discuss your options.

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