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When is it a good time to invest?

Here are 3 good reasons why now is as good a time as any to begin saving and investing:

  1. Financial markets at a low?For Sale

    There is plenty of coverage in the press regarding the doom and gloom in world financial markets.  And yet, this is precisely why now may be the best time in years to start investing.  Why wait to invest when markets have recovered and prices of everything are on the way up?

  2. Regular savings reduces the fear and risk of getting the timing wrong

    By investing on a regular basis, you can reduce the fear that many investors have of investing and seeing their money fall in value.  Regular investing means you average out the prices at which you invest and can sleep easier at night!

  3. Start early costs you less

    If you have financial goals you want to meet, for example a secure and independent retirement, the earlier you start to save, the less you are likely to have to save because of the benefits of compound returns over time.

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