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14 things your Adviser can do for you

People often ask where a professional financial adviser adds special value, so here is a quick summary.

  1. Check boxesSave you time. Why do all the research, and spend hours & hours working out your choices?  Let the adviser do it, while you enjoy life.
  2. Protect your assets. Manage the right risks, and get the right insurances.  And know when it is time to change them.
  3. Take away dull stuff.  Unless you love reading financial journals and financial theory, don’t do it.  Use the people who do love it, and let them share the knowledge that matters to you, when you need it.
  4. Add Safety. It is simply safer using a professional, who has regulatory oversight, codes of ethics, and complaints processes you can use if you ever have concerns.
  5. Sort the right things out. Supposedly 90% of the things that people worry about never actually happen, but a professional can work out the things that do need attention.
  6. Define the Dream. The toughest thing for many people is working out where they really want to end up.  Talking through the possibilities and having the right questions asked helps people get the big picture right.
  7. Keep the score. Every game needs someone who is keeping score – and that is never the players. The players should concentrate on their game being as good as possible, and leave the score-keeping to the expert on the sideline.
  8. Find top quality.  Good advisers know who to use, and where to go, to get affordable but top-quality solutions.  They know the things that make a difference between a good company, and a great one, for your solutions.
  9. Be the Backup. It costs a lot to replace important documents – because everyone misplaces key paperwork sometime.  Professional advisers do not misplace paperwork – in fact, they have complex systems to hold and keep safe clients paperwork.  Often they are able to produce copies for clients more quickly than any other source.
  10. ReportsThink Tax effective. Tax is one of the certainties of life, but you should never pay more than you have to.  The tax minimised with good advice can often exceed the cost of getting that advice in the first place.
  11. Keep your stuff yours.  It’s great when you build up assets and get into a healthy financial position.  The next challenge is keeping it, or having it go where you want it to in a time of crisis.  Advice is the difference between an estate waiting to be settled, and one that gets to the right people swiftly, or is kept for you to use when you most want it.
  12. Success Coach. Even professionals at the tope of their game have coaches, and for very good reasons.  No matter how good you are, an objective and knowledgeable observer who is interested in you being the best you can be, will see things you don’t, and offer practical advice that improves your chances of further success.
  13. Be a Helping Hand.  Who do you turn to in time of crisis or tragedy, when the last thing you want to deal with is financial matters?  This is THE area where experience shows us that great advisers usually make the greatest difference.  They are often the ones who turn up with the money when nobody else does, and they have usually assisted with similar crises in the past.
  14. Provide Peace of Mind. If you use a good adviser you will experience many of the points mentioned above.  It is sorted.  That provides genuine peace of mind, allowing you to have the best life possible.[widgetkit id=10]
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