Improved KiwiSaver Reporting

A new Quarterly KiwiSaver Reporting Regime has taken effect

Under the new regime all KiwiSaver providers are now required to provide performance and fee information for each scheme prepared in the same way to allow us all to make direct comparisons between funds.

Scheme disclosure statements

For non-restricted retail KiwiSaver schemes

Each quarter (at the end of March, June, September and December), and annually, at the end of March each year, KiwiSaver providers (of non-restricted or retail KiwiSaver schemes) must report on each investment fund within their scheme.

The quarterly and annual disclosure statements for each fund are required to be prepared in a simple, standardised format and are posted on your KiwiSaver provider’s website. They show:

  • the fund’s performance and returns for that period and in the past
  • fees and costs
  • what your fund invests into – a breakdown of the percentage of money that goes into each type of asset (eg shares, cash, property) and the top ten assets your fund has the most money invested in
  • the names of the people who have the most  influence on the investment decisions of the fund and key information about conflicts of interest and investment policies.

KiwiSaver providers of non-restricted or retail KiwiSaver schemes must send their quarterly and annual disclosure statements to FMA. Providers of restricted KiwiSaver schemes are not required to produce these disclosure statements.

However apparently the law doesn't decree that they have to be easy to find!

We'll build up the following list of links to KiwiSaver providers reporting as we get time: If there is one missing you particularly want to see and can't find it please let us know.


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Fisher funds

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The Financial Markets Authority has also published new information with tips for people on how to review KiwiSaver funds.


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