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Transfer your Aussie Super to your Generate KiwiSaver Account

Aussie+header+2Generate are trying to make it easier for people to reclaim their Aussie Super

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) currently holds billions of dollars from inactive superannuation accounts. Aussie Super providers transfer inactive accounts to the ATO when:
• The balance is less than $6000, and;
• There haven’t been any contributions for at least 12 months.

The good news is, if you have an Aussie Super account that fits this description, it’s never been easier to transfer it to your KiwiSaver account - so it's all in one place and ready for you to use when you reach retirement!^

The new process only requires one form - and from there Generate will work with the ATO and IRD to manage the transfer.

If you have an inactive Aussie Super account sitting with the Australian Tax Office, click the button below to find out how to help them move it to their KiwiSaver account.

 Transferring ATO-held Aussie Super to KiwiSaver

Note: If you have an Aussie Super account with a balance higher than $6000, or they have made a contribution within the last 12 months, then the account will likely still be invested with your Aussie Super provider - not held by the ATO. To find out how to transfer money from an Aussie Super provider to New Zealand, click here.

^Money transferred from an Australian Super Account to a KiwiSaver account cannot be withdrawn as part of a first-home withdrawal. It can be accessed when you reach retirement.

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