KiwiSaver for Retired People

Money for Jam!

KiwiSaver LogoIf you are retired you can still take advantage of KiwiSaver as long as you under 65 years of age.

If you are retired you wont get employer contributions but the Government will still give you $1,000 kick start when you first join.

You agree with your KiwiSaver provider how much you want to contribute, and make payments directly to them. And as some KiwiSaver providers will let you open an account without making any contributions you don't have to contribute anything.

That's right you can join KiwiSaver and You don't have to put in anything and the Government will put in $1,000.

For more information email your contact details to or phone us on 07 578 3863.

You can have $1,000 invested for you for five years and it doesn't need to cost you a cent.

You don't have to include it in your tax returns or account for it in any other way. It just works!

When you can get your KiwiSaver money out?

Your KiwiSaver savings will generally by locked in until:

  • you're eligible for NZ Super (currently 65), or
  • you've been a member for at least 5 years (if you joined over the age of 60).

Worried About Losing Your Money?

After five years you can withdraw however much is in your account. It is possible that the provider doesn't generate any returns for you or even generate negative returns but it is highly unlikely that any provider would be able to lose the whole lot!

Amongst the many providers OnePath have a number of single sector funds and amonst them is a Cash Fund. This is generally regarded as about as low risk as you can get. You wont get very high returns (indeed the returns might not even pay the fees) but you are highly unlikely to lose and money either. The $1,000 that the Government will give you will be pretty secure. Sure you have to wait five years for it but isn't it worth it?

You can download the Investment Statement for the OnePath KiwiSaver product by clicking here.

For more information email your contact details to or phone us on 07 578 3863.

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