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Clean Your Mouse's Bottom

A Hungry MouseSignificantly Improve Your Computer Experience by Cleaning Your Mouse

One of the easiest and fastest ways I've found to improves almost everyone's computing experience is to clean their mouse's bottom. This isn't hard, anyone can do it, but of course first catch your mouse.

Whether you use your mouse directly on your desk or, on a mouse pad, the bottom, the base that sits on the pad/desk, is going to collect dirt that eventually will make it "sticky". When you move the mouse it won't glide smoothly and will "grab" you probably won't notice it as the grime slowly builds up over time.

Using a mouse with a dirty bottom makes the computer feel sluggish and jerky. If you find yourself picking up your mouse and whacking it on the desk, cleaning it might solve your problem.

Most mice have three or four little slippery bits of plastic stuck on the base that the mouse is supposed to glide on. Be careful you don't pick these off completely off. If one of those is missing you're also going to get a lopsided, jumpy mouse, if you do buy yourself a new one.

It's probably best to turn your PC off before you do this, although I seldom do.

I usually just pick the grime off with a fingernail or rub it on the carpet but of course it's probably better if you use a damp (not wet) cloth and perhaps a very mild cleaner. (I try not to think of what that stuff is!)

So turn your mouse over and give it's bottom a jolly good clean, you and your mouse will both feel much better.

And while your at it give your mouse pad a clean. Make sure the mouse and pad are both dry before you use them again.

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