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Buying and Selling Shares

wallstreetDid you know that Bay Financial Partners can help you to buy or sell listed shares?

Many people are starting to get interested in the sharemarket again. Some company shares may be looking attractive for their higher dividend yields compared to bank term deposits and other fixed interest options.

On the other hand returns from the sharemarket have been very good over the last few years and some are thinking it's time to reduce their exposure - selling shares - in expectation of a fall in prices.

Some who haven't been active in the market for a while are finding that their broker account is "no longer compliant" and are having to provide new documentation. I'm afraid we are in the same boat and there is no way around that requirement now.

We are noticing a move by some brokers to push people towards custodial services. Custodial services definitely have their place and we use them ourselves, but they are not for everyone and can be expensive in dollars terms, particularly for those with large portfolios. We're happy to talk through the options with you, the pros and cons of custodial services and the alternatives you can consider.

Some people seem to think that they have to sell their shares through the same broker that they bought them through, that is not the case. You can buy and sell listed securities through any broker. You can buy through one broker this week and sell through another next week, and you can have accounts with as many brokers as will accept you.

Opening a Broker Account

It's not hard to open a broking account through us and it costs you nothing - but we do need to gather some information about you.

Of course we need to know your address, phone number and your email address (if you have one) and we also need to know your IRD number.

By law we have to be able to prove we have verified your identity and to do that we need to see:

  1. Check BoxesPhotographic Identification - usually your drivers licence or passport, (talk to us if you don't have either of those)
  2. Proof of a New Zealand Bank Account - something generated by the bank, a statement is ideal but a signed deposit slip or stamped bank printout will also work, unfortunately at this stage an internet banking printout is not acceptable
  3. Proof of your Residential Address - if you've got a bank statement addressed to you at home (not a PO Box) that's superb as it satisfies two criteria, otherwise a recent rates, electricity, phone or other letter mailed to you at home from a reputable organisation will be acceptable.

    Please note that there are no short cuts, our Mothers have to provide the same information as someone we have never met before.

You can make an appointment and bring that in to us so we can copy and verify it or you can get a Justice of the Peace, Lawyer, Accountant, Bank staff (or various other professionals) to certify it's authenticity and post it to us. Please note that if you expect us to confirm the photo ID we must see you in person.

If you already own some shares we'll also need your Holder or Common Shareholder Number (CSN). We'll need to know your FIN number but not until you want to place a sell order.

Please don't leave it until the last minute. It can take as long as a week to open an account and share prices can move considerably in that time.

If you already own shares, that you may wish to sell in the future, it is important that you ensure the share registry has your correct details. It is also worth checking that you already have a CSN. If you have held the shares for some time you may have an old holder number, which will need to be linked to a CSN before you can sell them on market.

To get the ball rolling ring us on 07 578 3863, email your details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Standard New Zealand listed securities charge 1.5% brokerage on the first $10,000 worth, with a minimum of $80.00 and a $5.50 trade fee on each order. So if you are buying or selling less than $5,000 worth of shares you'll only pay $85.50 on top of the value of the shares.

Please note that, by law, we cannot give you any personalised financial advise, such as which shares you should buy or sell, without going through the full six step financial review process for which there is usually a fee. But of course we are happy to do so.


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