Protect various aspects of your life by paying an insurance company to take on the risk.

AIA Vitality

AIA Vitality protects what is most important to you. AIA Vitality is a science-backed health and wellbeing program


Insurable Interest

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When the unexpected happens, the last thing you should be worried about is money.

If you or a loved one


Insurance Deliberations


I own a 5 person manufacturing business and have had an insurance agent telling me I need to


Insurance Through Life

Insurance has a role to play in most stages of our lives. But what we need when we’re young can be quite different


Schedule of Fees and Charges

Whenever we quote a fee we will do so including New Zealand goods and services tax (GST) where applicable, unless


The Value of an Adviser

Russel Investments analyses the value you can get from a financial adviser.

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Trauma Insurance Cover

Trauma Insurance pays you a lump sum if you suffer a major trauma.

Have you ever thought about what your


What are the odds?

Insurance is a basic part of everybody’s financial planning - even those who don’t think they are


What Is Insurance Anyway?

Life is all about risk. Every day you evaluate the risks in your life – deciding which are worth taking and which


Why insurance is important

Why insurance is important, you never know when you might need it.

Insurance is viewed by many as a


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