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What is a Policy Audit?

au'dit n. & v. Thorough examination of financial position by qualified authority. To examine, scrutinise, probe, verify, overhaul, balance and monitor.

The word "audit" usually sends shivers down the spine ...but it does have a very positive purpose. It is an examination by a qualified authority that scrutinises and verifies that all is well.

An audit of your personal financial arrangements will uncover whether investments are diversified and balanced taking into account your view of risk and long term objectives. It will also uncover whether you are paying too much for insurances, or if you are now paying for the WRONG TYPES of insurances due to changes in personal circumstances.

New choices are provided to the market regularly, some of which are better than what clients currently have (but only sometimes!).

An audit of your existing portfolio of products will reveal whether what you are paying for is still right for you.

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