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Cancer Specific Insurance Cover

Cancer is a major health issue for approximately 1 in 3 New Zealanders

How would you pay the household bills if a cancer diagnosis stopped you working?

  • In New Zealand, the most common serious illness claimed for is cancer, which accounts for two-thirds of all serious illness claims.
  • Statistics released by the Ministry of Health and the National Health Board show over 20,000 diagnoses of cancer were registered in 2009.

Advances in medicine are helping to detect many instances of cancer in the early stages. This means a person who receives treatment and can't work needs to find a way to pay the bills while they recover.

"I was diagnosed with esophageal cancer a couple of years ago at age 45. Fortunately I had taken out trauma and income protection insurance with Asteron Life..... As the major financial contributor, the first thing I wanted to do was secure the best situation for my family. The lump sum payment meant we could clear all debts including the mortgage."
Tim, an actual Asteron Life client.asteron

There is now an insurance product from Asteron Life called Cancer Cover, which can cover you specifically in case of a diagnosis of cancer.

Cover for over 200 types of cancer

Many other types of cover restrict early stage cancer payments to certain types of cancer only. As long as you meet the criteria for a claim, Asteron Life's Early Stage Cancer benefit enables you to receive an advance payment if you're diagnosed with any early stage cancer – that's over 200 types of cancer.

Even if other health conditions mean you can't get serious illness insurance

Through Cancer Cover, Asteron Life have also made it possible to get cancer cover even if you have pre-existing health conditions other than cancer which stop you from being able to purchase serious illness insurance.

Let's make sure you're properly covered against cancer.

Please give Jonathan or Andrew a call on 07 578 3863 if you'd like to discuss this further.

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