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Having a "Bob each Way"

Trauma Insurance is like Insurance for the Living or Having a bob each way…

enjoy viewThere is no doubt that many clients think of insurance as a bit of a gamble: having a bet on whether something unpleasant will or won’t happen.

Not that many years ago the choices were a lot more limited and it really was a bit of a gamble: live or die.

Live: you win…sort of – but lost the money.

Die: well your dependents win… sort of… in that they got money… but lost you.

However you look at, it isn’t really a win or a loss… you never win. Your family might (sort of) and the insurance company might, but not the insured.

Living Insurance changed all that, and now everyone can have a bob each way when it comes to the insurance gamble.

Living Insurance is all about those dreadful things that happen everyday to normal people that can kill financially, but don’t kill the person. They are the things that Life Insurance just doesn’t pay out on, remember life insurance generally only pays out when you dead, or with some policys when you are certain to die soon. Health insurance only pays for the expenses directly related to treatment. And ACC only pays out in the event of an accident.

Hopefully you have to imagine how it is for those people who get cancer, have a stroke, suffer a heart attack and don’t die. Life insurance doesn’t pay out. But living expenses and debt (such as a mortgage) don't go away – only their income might. And it often takes two or three years, perhaps longer, to properly recuperate.

In todays insurance world you can place a dollar each way with your life insurance and include trauma cover, which is also called living insurance or serious illness cover by different insurers. That way you will have money paid in the event of a debilitating illness as well as death. Typically this trauma insurance will pay a lump sum in the event of any one of defined illnesses or life-changing health events.

Those people who get hit with a traumatic illness, and who have trauma cover, can usually comfortably stay off work for a year and concentrate on recovering their health. The insurance can be used for whatever you like of course (including health treatment), but typically people pay off the mortgage, clear any credit cards or other debt and have an amount to live off in place of their work income.

It really is insurance for the living.

But it can get complicated, the different companies' policys pay out under different circumstances and have different options available.

It cost nothing to give us a call on 07 578 3863 and talk about whether taking out some trauma insurance is a suitable option for you.

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