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Why use a professional adviser for “simple” insurance stuff?

A lot of clients use professional advisers only for the complex and difficult areas, such as investment management, or tax questions. Yet some of the “simple” stuff that people think is easily done online is well worth referring to an adviser as well.

satisfiedAnd it probably wont cost you a cent! Because the insurance companies pay us.

There are 5 good reasons we can think of to involve an adviser in even the “simple” stuff:

  1. Most customers say that there isn’t enough TIME to do everything they need to do, and there isn’t enough MONEY. A professional adviser usually saves you both.
  2. A no-hassle service, that gets it right.
    Finding the right cover for a fair price without you leaving home saves stress and improves your chances of getting cover that will work the way you want it to. We know what wording matters in in policies, and what stuff is marketing fluff that doesn’t make a major difference, and what types of cover are really needed.
  3. Negotiate with insurance companies for you.
    We can often arrange cover for customers who have are having difficulty, or have special risks to protect. We will liaise on claims management with the insurer - our relationships with them can certainly help in getting claims settled promptly.
  4. Personal Service
    No more “push 1 to talk to claims, push 2 for…”. A real person to talk to, who will listen and understand what you are trying to do – and who wants to do your business.
  5. Who was that company?
    Regardless of which insurance company (or mix of companies) your business is with, or even whether that company will exist next year under the same name, we are here. No matter who you have your business with, and no matter whether is in insurance, investment or lending products, we keep track of it all in one place. One of the worst things that can happen to a customer is “losing” track of who they have business with, or keeping track of the changes of names and mergers in the finance world…or their family not being able to find that information in time of crisis.

We’ll take care of that, and make it even more simple that trying to do it online.


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