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Five Health Insurance Tips

shockedfaceOne of the more confusing, and slightly scary, insurance areas is health insurance, or medical insurance.

Policies are highly technical in terms of the definitions that are used, the medical jargon, and what will or won't be covered. It is one of the toughest areas to get right – even for trained professionals. But here are 5 quick tips to help make it a little easier to consider health insurance:

  1. If your employer offers cover, or a subsidised scheme, look into it. It can be a really valuable addition to your employment package, and help with your personal financial planning.
  2. Comparing coverage types is tough, but start by deciding whether you need as many expenses covered as possible, or just the really big bills like operations and hospital admissions.
  3. The lowest premium is not a good indication of a good policy. This is an area where you really do get what you pay for – and cheap is often a false economy that leads to disappoikntment.
  4. Work out what you are NOT covered for in any plan – there is usually quite a bit.
  5. If in doubt, get advice. It is one of the most challenging and complex areas of personal insurance. It is also one of the toughest to deal with in the event of a claim, and it is an area where a good adviser can make a huge difference to the performance of the plan at a time of crisis.

Health Insurance

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