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Why insurance is important

Why insurance is important, you never know when you might need it.

Insurance is viewed by many as a necessary evil, in the perfect world it would be nice to be covered for everything but unless you have several thousand dollars to cover the premium that is just not feasible in the real world.

What should insurance cover?  Most people use insurance to cover their debts i.e. their mortgage and this isn’t just the accident cover that the mortgage broker or bank will try and sell you at point of entry. You need life cover to pay off the debt in the unfortunate event of your death. Then if possible it would be nice to give a lump sum to help your partner or children through their life – this could cover educational fees or setting up a business for your now single partner. The alternative is a possible forced sale of the property to cover the debt which just adds to the current stress levels.

The most important asset you have is your income but very few people cover this, ask yourself what would happen if your income ceased today? You need cover for this, but which type indemnity or agreed value, put simply do you want to know how much the insurance company will pay out at claim time or do you want to have to provide proof at time of claim? I know which one I would prefer.

Health is another area to cover, not the whole shooting match but just the basics, hospital and specialist should suffice, you can get a more comprehensive package but it all costs.

Trauma and Total Disability, certainly in today’s world there is much more Trauma, and if you had a stroke how would you cope? I suspect it would be difficult but if you had a lump sum payment of say $20,000 it might just make life a little easier over the near term. What this does is gives you time to sort out your situation rather than being pressed into a hurried decision which you may regret at a latter date.

What insurance does is gives peace of mind that if the unfortunate happens you and your loved ones will have some financial support to help in the immediate aftermath and this gives you time to arrange your affairs to be able to cope with your new found circumstances.

As an example. I have clients who were finding the life insurance expensive, and wanted to cancel 15 months ago. They called me and we discussed what could happen if the cover was cancelled. They still had some debts to cover and with no insurance they may have to sell their house. We discussed and trimmed the insurance a tad and made some other minor changes but left the level of cover more or less intact. Last week I got  a call to say  one of the couple has just been diagnosed with terminal cancer, now while this is devastating, because they have the insurance in place the terminal payout will kick in and the ill partner will be able to pass away knowing that their partner will have no financial worries. The grief of the loss of their partner will be tough enough.

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