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Mortgage Repayment Insurance Cover

Kids need protecting

Insurance that provides a monthly payment covering the cost of your mortgage if you can't work due to a total disability.

Protecting what is for most people their greatest personal asset

Does your mortgage (or the prospect of one) feel like a weight on your shoulders? Imagine how much heavier that weight would feel if you were unable to work and couldn't meet your monthly repayments?

Consider that you may be forced to sell your home – something no one wants to face when they are unwell.

Protecting your mortgage is common sense – it's the one thing you can do to ensure that no matter what happens to you, your home and family is secure.

If you are not working, due to an illness or accident, and you are unable to perform those duties of your pre-disability occupation, that are necessary to produce income, then you may be eligible for a claim.


Getting the best advice is critical, and your cover should included a premium cover which means if you go on claim, the cost of your premium during that time will be taken care of as well.

Another option to consider with advice is choosing how long you want to wait before your benefit is paid. If you want to pay a lower premium then you can choose a longer waiting period – 4, 8 or 13 weeks. To determine the 'waiting period' that is appropriate for you work out how long you think you could cover the cost of your mortgage before you needed assistance.

Other benefits to consider are a partial payment being made if you are only able to work in a reduced capacity so you can ease back into full-time work by making sure that you do not suffer financially and the waiver of waiting period if your disability recurs within six months of going off claim.

Mortgage Repayment Cover is the most cost effective way to protect your home, by making sure that your monthly mortgage repayments are met if you get sick and are unable to earn an income.

For more information on our Mortgage Repayment Insurance talk to one of our Advisers on 07 578 3863 or Freephone 0800 867 323.

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