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Life Insurance

Life insurance pays a lump sum or monthly payment in the event of death or terminal illness.

We have a range of solutions that can give you peace of mind. They are simple, straightforward and affordable plans that can be tailored to your situation. The plans are also flexible, so as life changes so can your level of protection.

What is Life & Life Income Cover? A lump sum or monthly payment in the event of death or terminal illness.

Why do you need it?

Three KidsIf you died, how would your family cope financially? What do you want for their future?

You could use your Life Insurance Cover to:

  • replace a lost income
  • provide financial 'breathing space' while coming to terms with the loss of a loved one
  • give a surviving parent or guardian the option to be able to stay home with the children
  • pay off the mortgage and any other debts you may have
  • set aside a nest egg for a surviving partner's retirement
  • cover the costs of education and healthcare for your family
  • as a minimum, use it to cover the cost of a funeral.

Life Insurance Cover is an easy and cost-effective way to provide for your family. Once it's in place you can rest assured that you have done the right thing for your family, and you only need to revisit it if your circumstances change.

Payment options available are,

  • A Lump sum to pay off the mortgage and any other debt that you may have which will provide your dependants with enough money to give them a head start in life when your income is no longer part of the equation.
  • As an income, to provide your family with a regular income giving them financial security and ongoing stability.
  • Or a bit of both, consider a combination of a lump sum and an income payment to pay off debt and provide ongoing financial security to your family.

Additional benefits available are,

Full payment of benefit if you are diagnosed as likely to die within 12 months, which would providing financial security and some comfort at a time when there may be little or no income for the family.

Additional cover for a range of 'lifestyle events' e.g. if you get married, have a baby or buy a new house – no health questions asked which allows you to keep your insurance up to date with your changing lifestyle, regardless of any changes to your health.

An instant payment once notified of a death which provides assistance with immediate costs such as funeral arrangements and travel expenses.

An optional benefit can allow you to increase your level of cover over time irrespective of any changes to your health.

To discuss Life Insurance or any of your other insurance needs please phone Andrew or Jonathan on 07 578 3863 or Freephone 0800 867 323.

Life Insurance

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