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Income Protection Insurance

If you had a machine in your lounge creating money for you ... wouldn't you insure it?

Unless you're retired you do, it's called you!

Alongside your health, your ability to earn is your most important asset and for a small portion of your current income you can help protect this. All income protection policies are specifically designed for each client with the ability to choose from a range of options.

We can help you to identify the most appropriate options for your individual situation and provide you with peace of mind that you will be financially secure should you lose the ability to work.

Contact Jonathan York on 07 578 3863 to discuss or arrange a free no obligation insurance review.

Are you prepared for the unexpected?

  • An estimated 17% of the total population live with a disability.
  • For adults aged 15 to 44, accident or injuies are the most common cause of disability

(source Statistics New Zealand 2006 Disability Survey)

Income Protection Insurance

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