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Financial & Economic Articles & Commentaries

Interesting Financial and Economic Articles and Commentaries

Below we will post links to articles, commentary and information we have found to be particularly interesting. Please note that posting a link does not mean that we necessarily agree with the opinions expressed, merely that we found it interesting and hope you will also.

Australia GDP Growth Rate

The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in Australia expanded at an annual rate of 0.50 percent in the last quarter. Australia Gross Domestic Product is worth 1015 billion dollars or 1.64% of the world economy, according to the World Bank. Australia's economy is dominated by its services sector, yet its economic success is based on abundance of agricultural and mineral resources. Australia's comparative advantage in the export of primary products is a reflection of the natural wealth of the Australian continent and its small domestic market. The country is a major regional financial centre and a vital component of the global financial system. This page includes: Australia GDP Growth Rate chart, historical data and news.  Read more

Selling Euros for Kiwis Delivers Yield From Merkel's Backdoor, Mathew Brown on Bloomberg .com

"May 24 (Bloomberg) -- The fastest convergence in short-term interest rates in almost a year is making the euro a surprise addition to currencies used to finance investments in higher- yielding assets. Read more"

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