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Insuring and Valuing Jewellery

When gold hits the front page of the local paper perhaps it's time to start taking notice.

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Last nights Bay of Plenty Times front page article Bay Gold Rush was devoted to people selling their gold jewellery.

Insuring your Jewellery

Glen Johnson ValuerThe increasing price of gold makes gold jewellery more valuable, even if you're not inclined to sell perhaps its time to have your jewellery valued for insurance purposes. Many insurance policy's require you to specifically list items, like jewellery over a certain value. It would be a shame if you were burgled and you didn't receive a fair replacement value.

Glen Johnson, senior valuer at Jewellery Valuation Centre's Tauranga office will value most standard jewellery items for $84.95 and more complex items for $99.95. You can contact Glen on 0800 43 68 25 or visit their website

Mention this article to get a 20% discount off your next valuation from Glen.

Selling your Jewellery

If you are thinking of selling your jewellery make sure you are afforded the full protection of the law by dealing with a jeweller who is also a Licenced Second Hand Dealer. A jeweller will also be aware of the value of the item as a piece of jewellery and not just the scrap value of the metal.

David Peet JewellerDavid Peet (that's him to the right) has been in business as a manufacturing jeweller in Tauranga for over 45 years, so you can be sure he knows what he's talking about and can be trusted. You can ring David on 07 578 8181, visit the showroom at 5 Wharf Street in Tauranga or visit Peet Jeweller website on

Adrian Redding at Bethlehem Jewellers learnt his trade at Peet Jewellery before opening his own business in Bethlehem in 2007. You can be sure Adrian also knows his stuff and is another man you can trust. You can give Adrian a call on 07 579 3655, visit the showroom in the Bethlehem Shops on the main road or visit his web site

Mention this article to either Adrian or David and they will give you a free clean and check of your jewellery whilst assessing items you might wish to sell. Checking involves making sure that the fittings and claws are in good shape so your rocks don't fall out or your broach or necklace fall off.

And Guys, please check with your wife or partner before deciding to sell off any of her jewellery!

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