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Minimum holdings of NZX listed securities

Minimum security holdings at any time, unless otherwise determined by NZX, are as follows:

(a) In relation to equity securities (shares), a holding with a market price at the relevant time of:

Number of Units Price (both figures inclusive)
2,000 Where the price does not exceed 25 cents
1,000 Where the price exceeds 25 cents but does not exceed 50 cents
500 Where the price exceeds 50 cents but does not exceed $1.00
200 Where the price exceeds $1.00 but does not exceed $2.00
100 Where the price exceeds $2.00 but does not exceed $5.00
50 Where the price exceeds $5.00 but does not exceed $10.00
25 Where the price exceeds $10.00

(b) In relation to rights to equity securities, the number that would, upon exercise, convert to a minimum holdings as specified in (a).

(c) In relation to debt securities, a holdings with $5,000 or $10,000 principal amount.

(d) In relation to any other securities, a holding with $1,000 face value.

Bay Financial Partners wishes to advise where the minimum holding requirement is met at the time of order submission or order execution but, due to a price variation or corporate action, is no longer met on settlement; the security holding will not be registrable.

Where this occurs Bay Financial Partners will contact you. At this point you will have two options:
1. Purchase additional shares to raise the parcel above the minimum holding.
2. Reverse the transaction.

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