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Ensuring Your Future with Commercial Property

Our aim is to expand your thinking about the property market, and help you adopt a new mindset towards what’s really going on. Hopefully, you will have the confidence to not only survive the coming events during this decade - but how to actually steal a march on other property investors that are stuck in the residential warp.

Turning that confidence into an effective investment strategy, if you’re like many, could well have you pondering where can I start and how do I decide what’s right for me - given the array of opportunities available.

These are very good questions and a number of our clients were probably wrestling with them as well before they came to us.

However, at the moment, creating your personal investment strategy may seem a somewhat daunting task - only because, your choice simply appears too large.

When you know what is possible, you can trim your choices a little.  You can do this by asking yourself: ‘Which of the various property ownership options would best fit my needs?’

Just because an investment property may look appealing, that (by itself) is not necessarily a sound basis for you to pursue it.

Negative gearing is sometimes promoted as providing excellent tax benefits and people ask ‘how much should I borrow’ but, there’s no right answer - it’s simply what is right for you.  For some people, to borrow 90% is fine, for others, anything over 50% would cause them considerable stress and/or distress.

That doesn’t mean you should cling blindly to past choices, where you may intuitively feel most comfortable - by introducing the concept of what’s appropriate you’re able to start narrowing down your Options.

When you start to compare what you consider to be appropriate investments, against your possible property investment opportunities, you’re then able to trim your choices to something a lot more manageable.

You now can identify exactly what your resources might be - both time wise and financially, and that doesn’t mean you’re confined to looking just at yourself.

You may like to think about joining with other like-minded investors in a proportionate title or syndicate - to leverage your capital, spread your risk and reduce your ongoing management.  If you would like to explore this option further, we can certainly help.

Original Article published March 2006


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