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Use Sharesight as a Specialised Investment Search Engine

Sharesight LogoSharesight call themselves - "Simply the best share portfolio tracker for DIY investors."

We agree, so far we haven't found any portfolio trackers that offers better value for money than Sharesight, particularly the free version.

As well as keeping track of the number of units, prices and income we can run various standard reports. A feature Sharesight has that many don't, is that it displays summarised financial data on a security right there in the same system as the portfolio. And Sharesight also displays links to recent news related to companies in the portfolio.

Recently I discovered a brilliant Sharesight feature I'd overlooked - it is called Share Checker.

Click the button, enter the company code and I'm presented with a summary of company information and share price performance over various periods and at the bottom three tabs with different historical information on each. I generally find this a good place to quickly find information on a security. 

Read more about Sharesight Share Checker at

If you have simple needs with ten or less investments you can sign up for a free Sharesight account here and use Sharesight as a specialised investment search engine.

If your needs are more complex or you think you might need help we are more than happy to assist you with Keeping Track of Your Investments with Sharesight or help provide you an Integrated Reporting Solution - Xero and Sharesight


Sharesight Share Checker


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