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Information for Investors

FMA LogoThe Financial Markets Authority (formerly the Securities Commission) works to help people make better investment decisions. The brochures below have information about investing including how to choose an investment adviser, information you are entitled to before you invest, and how to spot a scam.

These brochures can be downloaded electronically or ordered in hard copy from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. There is no charge.


Your right to know.

Your right to know

Get informed about investing

Do you know the single biggest difference between people who make money investing and those who lose their shirts? It's information.

Do not be sucked in.

Do not be sucked in

Slam the phone on share scams


Don't engage with the caller. They will use all their skill to persuade you to part with your money.

How to spot a scam.

How to spot a scam

If you want to make money from investing you must learn to spot an investment scam.

Every year ordinary New Zealanders lose millions of dollars in investment scams. Most of these could have been exposed - if people had used their common sense and asked a few questions.

You can help stop fraud.

You can help stop fraud

Did you know that you may be a prime target for con artists who peddle investment scams?

Fraudsters prey on people who trust each other, particularly members of religious, social, or cultural groups. They use the trust that exists within these groups to help them steal money.

The Securities Commission.

The Securities Commission

What we do and why.

The Securities Commission is the country's main investment regulator. Our job is to build confidence in New Zealand's investment markets.

Your Investment Decision.

Your Investment Decision

If you are a private investor, (whether a small saver or a large investor), the law gives you the right to important information, which could affect your savings or investment decision.

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