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God's Portfolio

Stephen Bennie is one of the co-founders of Castle Point Funds. Stephen is one of our favourite speakers on share investing as he has the knack of explaining complicated concepts in simple terms. He seems to always be able to find an interesting and usually funny anecdote to get his point across.

In the video below he talks about how even the very best share portfolio suffers downturns or drawdowns and that if you have a long term time horizon investing in shares and be willing to ride out the downs you can take advantage of the ups. .We will get through drawdowns. Don’t look at short term performance when assessing managers, it is long-term performance which counts.

Note the statistic that over 90 years "Gods Portfolio" turned $1 into $12 billion. That's "only" 29% per annum. That's the power of compounding returns. In other words if you could invest $1 today at a return of 29% compounding you'd have $12 billion in 90 years time, of course you'd probably be dead! But maybe your Grandchildren would be wealthy.

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Castle Point Funds Management

Castle Point Funds Overview

Castle Point Funds Management Limited is the wholly owned subsidiary of Castle Point Holdings Limited, which is co-owned by the investment team and other stakeholders. The combined partnership has a sound capital base, sound infrastructure and controls and a deep and experienced pool of investment professionals.

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The team uses a highly disciplined approach to identifying investment candidates based on an investment philosophy that has been proven over many decades. Each candidate is then subjected to a thorough research process to identify only the best value, growth, and quality companies. Portfolios are then constructed around these companies to cater for risk/return tolerances of different investor groups.

The team is experienced and the shared philosophy allows for robust, constructive debate. Portfolios are co-managed and all members of the team participate in company analysis and fund management duties.

2021 - Winner of the Morningstar Fund Manager of the Year - Domestic Equities

2021 - Finalist of the Research IP - Australasian Equities Fund of the Year - Ranger Fund

2019 - Winner of the Zenith FundSource Awards - Boutique Manager of the Year and Australasian Equities. 

2018 - Winner of the  FundSource Awards - Alternatives Sector.

2018 - Finalist of the FundSource awards for Boutique Manager of the Year.

2013 - Finalist of the INFINZ Equity Manager of the Year.

Castle Point Ranger and 5 Oceans funds are rated by Morningstar.

All funds are AA rated by Fundsource. 

Previously the team has also been a finalist for Equity Manager of the Year at the INFINZ awards in 2013.

Castle Point all awards
Morningstar Awards 2021. (c) Morningstar, Inc.  All Rights Reserved. Awarded to Castle Point Funds for Fund Manager of the Year Award, Domestic Equities, New Zealand.

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What would happen if God was an investor from Good Returns TV on Vimeo.

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