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It's a Small World

girlcaddyJim and Bob were avid golfers, faithfully playing a round of golf every Sunday. One particular Sunday, after the first few holes they found themselves waiting for two very slow playing women to move on, so that they could play the next hole.

Jim took the initiative.

Jim: “Bob, go and ask those two women in front to move over and let us pass will you? We’ll be here forever otherwise.”

Bob: “No worries mate. I won’t be a minute.”

So off trots Bob down the fairway toward the two offending women. But when he gets halfway there he suddenly stops and starts to walk back toward Jim.

Jim: “What’s the matter?”

Bob: “I can’t go down there.”

Jim: “Why not?”

Bob “Well it’s those women. One’s my wife and the other’s my mistress.”

Jim: “No worries mate. I’ll go.”

So off he goes, but when he gets halfway Jim turns around and heads back to Bob.

Bob: “Well?”

Jim: “It’s a small world.”


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