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Just fill out this form ...

Note to all Business Managers & Process Designers


When I was young staff used to fill out forms for the customer and those forms were filed so we had a record of the customers details.

Then some bright spark thought "why don't we use computers" and we found it was better to store customer information on computers. But we still had to have a form because there was only one terminal in the office and more than one person wanting to get information in, so we put the forms in the data entry operators basket and she entered the information.

Now all our customer information is stored on computers attached to printers and probably emails and possibly websites. All our staff have computers as do most of our customers.

So why, oh why, when I ring your organisation do you send me a blank form to complete?

At least pre-populate them with my account number and name! They wont have changed!

I wont even bother asking why the people I talk to don't fill in the details of my request, perhaps they don't understand your forms either! 


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