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Acorn Foundation

Acorn Foundation LogoThe Acorn Foundation (established in 2003) is a Community Foundation encouraging people to leave a gift in their will or during their lifetime to benefit the Western Bay of Plenty region.

People leave money to the Acorn Foundation and the investment income is used to make distributions to local charities and community groups, every year – forever.

People can specify a particular charity that they want their annual distributions to go to, or they can leave it to the Trustees to decide where their money is best needed.

Note that the capital remains intact, only the income is distributed, so the benefits to the local community are ongoing.

If you are interested in leaving something to benefit our local region - forever, then Acorn is an option you should consider.

You can see some of the charities that they have helped here >>>

Reproduced below is the Acorn Foundation Brand Booklet 2020


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