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You Can't See the Great Wall From Space

Everyone "knows" you can see the Great Wall of China from space...

... except those few people who have actually been to space and looked for it.

Fact is you can't really see the Great Wall of China from space,

The Great WallYou can tobogan down part of it though, a bit like the luge at Rotorua. The visible wall theory was shaken after China's own astronaut, Yang Liwei, said he couldn’t see the historic structure.

This is one of the many "facts" that many people think they know. What do you "know" that isn't true?

Some people believe that you can't lose money in fixed interest investments, that bank deposits are 100% secure and that Bond Bonds are Government guaranteed. None of these things are true.

When it comes to investing we help you with the questions as well as the answers, we want you to know the facts not the myths. We don't pretend to know everything but if we don't know we can usually find someone who does. We don't want you to invest in things you don't understand just to get the sale.

don't rely on myths, half truths and old wives tales, get all the facts, get the truth about Investing.

If you are buying and selling shares or bonds, investing in managed funds or unit trusts, or choosing a KiwiSaver provider. You owe it to yourself and loved ones to know the facts.

With over 50 years combined hands on investing experience working directly in the financial markets (not just selling life insurance) the team at Bay Financial Partners are able to help you weed out the facts from the myths.

Get in touch, test us out, it costs nothing to chat, please call us on 07 578-3863.

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But please remember that by law we cannot give you any personalised financial advise without going through a prescribed process for which there will be a charge.

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