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How have you elected to receive information on your investments?

I Didn't Get The Form!

Recently both Z Energy and TrustPower offered existing investors the opportunity to invest in new isssues - if they completed a form.

A number of clients rang us concerned that they hadn't received the forms in the mail, asking if we could we provide them. The offer was only open to existing investors so the forms weren't publicly available.

To start with we put it down to NZ Post's reduced delivery schedules. But when they still hadn't arived after a week we talked to the share registry - Link Market Services who were very helpful.

Investigation found the same cause, the investors that hadn't received the forms in the mail had elected to receive information by EMAIL. So the forms were emailed rather than posted.

The investors hadn't see the emails.

More and more email is becoming the preferred method of delivering information, we vastly prefer delivering information by email, as it is days faster and infinitely cheaper.

But in situations like this that require a piece of paper to be printed out, signed and returned perhaps its not the best method.

Both the major share registries in New Zealand - Computershare and Link Market Services have facilities on their web sites where you can check how information is being delivered to you.

You will have to create an "account" to do so, we strongly suggest you do.

Computershare -

Link Market Services -

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